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Google PPC Advertising

Running an effective conversion first ad campaign is more complicated than it seems. Let our experts give your PPC campaign a free audit so we can show you how to turn your marketing budget into new customers.

Once Onboard, we’ll work within your budget to maximize results using proven strategies. When you work with us, When you work with us, you can rest assured you’re getting a well built, market researched campaign that’s optimized to increase conversions efficiently, scale effectively, and that your ads keep up with the ever-changing market. Sit back and relax knowing that you’ll always be in the loop with detailed weekly or monthly reporting.

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Facebook + LinkedIn Advertising

With billions of active users, Facebook and LinkedIn are two of the world's most powerful advertising platforms available to your company.

However, a successful advertising campaign requires user engagement and proper ad targeting to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Let Polar Advertising help you get the right ads and target the right people to turn impressions into new customers. Combined with our custom landing pages potential customers are even more likely to convert.

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Amazon Advertising

Amazon accounted for 80% of all online sales growth during 2018 and is already the largest e-commerce company in the world. Let us help you effectively scale your business through ACoS efficient sales campaigns built on real data.

Looking to launch a new product? Our Amazon Advertising certified account managers will tailor make a campaign to suit your individual business’s needs and budget all while working to maximize profitability and scalability.

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Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting are the crux of any successful marketing campaign. If conversions aren't being tracked then the campaign can't be validated or improved. Polar Advertising tracks your potential customers from ad view through to click and conversion. We send out weekly or monthly reports to keep you up to date and on top of your marketing return. Let our team review your analytics to show how we can improve your customer acquisition.

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Customer Reviews

Auto Managed Forex

It has been a very positive experience having Polar Advertising head up our advertising and marketing campaigns. They’re readily available and treat each project as if it’s their top priority. Very impressed with the results they’ve helped us achieve. A real class act!

- Andy Divis

We've never had anything but positive experiences working with Polar Advertising. They not only produce high-quality results, but they take the time to understand our business's needs and maintain open lines of communication. It more than pays for itself to partner with a quality company like Polar Advertising.

- Nate Nead

Sure Safe EFS

Polar Advertiising is extremely talented. Over the years they have given my projects the individual attention they need and team up with me to create new ideas to get more leads. Don't go through the bad experiences and false promises of other agencies. Polar Advertising has the talent you need.

- Arthur Angelo

Simplfy Web

Polar Advertising took our failing ppc campaign and turned it into a gold mine. Before them we got leads, but they were always the wrong types of customers. Polar Advertising helped us target our campaign at the kinds of customers that were likely to convert, and totally changed our growth trajectory. Now when we get a call we know we'll be able to turn that potential customer into a paying customer!

- Jason M.

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